Our Coffee Journey

Coffee Sourcing

 Our expert explores across Indonesia and partners with farmers to get the best coffee

To deliver the best quality coffee, we have taken several steps in our effort to source coffee from all around Indonesia.  Our sourcing development travels a long distance to explore coffee throughout Indonesia, directly to the origins.  To ensure our sustainability, we have partnered with coffee farmers that get the resources directly from the plantation, and also we make a hub strategically located to the farmer's area. We believe, partnering with farmers will also support their welfare by sharing knowledge and experiences.


- We explore across Indonesia to find the best coffee bean for you
- We partner with farmers to help increase their welfare
- Our Strategically located hubs enabled us to get the best pick
















Jl. Haji Tabri – Lingkar Selatan, no 88
Kp. Nagreg, RT 002/RW 004, Desa Bojong Kamal
Kec. Legok
Kabupaten Tangerang, Banten – Indonesia
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corporate office

The East Building, 19’th Floor
JL. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung
Kav E3.2 no 1, Jakarta 12950
P: +62-21-5793-8470