"The world of coffee in Indonesia continues to grow. Even though the number of coffee consumption per capita is still relatively low, various positive trends have emerged from various segmentss".
Coffee is an introductory drink of the day. In many countries, a cup of coffee is one of the compulsory menus of breakfast culture. In this world, at least 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed every day. If the average person a minimum of two cups of coffee per day, one of them in the morning, is about 800 million
Known as the producer of Arabica coffee, the percentage of robusta coffee production in the country is far greater than the percentage of Arabica coffee production. About 70% of the total domestic coffee production is Robusta coffee and 28% is Arabica coffee, while the remaining 2% is excelsa and liberica coffee.
Based on the Provisional Statistics of Indonesian Plantation Statistics, sourced from the Directorate General of Plantations, Indonesia's coffee production in 2016 reached 639.30 thousand tons. This production comes from 1.23 million hectares of coffee plantation area. About 95.37% of the plantation area is plantation owned by the people (PR), while the rest is managed as large privately-owned plantations (PBS) of 2.49% and large state-owned estates (PBN) of 2.25%.
In the world, Indonesia is recorded as the fourth largest coffee producer after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia. Likewise in terms of exports, Indonesia is the fourth-largest coffee exporter in the world after Brazil, Vietnam, and Colombia.
According to Eris Susandi in his book Coffee Roasting, the coffee market share is divided into three, according to the type of coffee that is popular, namely specialty coffee market share, commercial coffee market share, and instant coffee market share.
1. Special
Specialty coffee is the highest quality coffee. The relatively small market share of 10-15% of total coffee consumers in a country, both domestically and abroad. Its market share is end-users who generally come from the upper-middle class. They are very understanding of good quality coffee, critical and know how to enjoy pure coffee without using any additives.
2. Commercial
The commercial coffee market share is quite large, 30-35% of the total market share of coffee in a country. Market share in the form of hotels, restaurants, and cafes (horeka). The commercial market share in a market that is in great demand by business actors, this is because the number of requests is relatively large and they usually buy at once in large quantities.
3. Instant Coffee
The instant coffee market share still dominates the total coffee market share in a country, reaching 50%. The majority of coffee connoisseurs come from the lower middle class.


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